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We are an online media bringing forth the many facets of youth and pop culture—encompassing music to art, fashion to beauty, and culinary to travel. We are here to foster a culture of curiosity by highlighting stories and communities from across the country. The space to wander, and ponder, on diverse ideas and perspectives.

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What is an online presence if it doesn’t positively affect individuals or communities? Qubicle’s social space goes beyond the digital realm where we have built community hubs located in Jakarta and Surabaya. We have also maintained an inspiring relationship with communities and individuals in 8 major cities in Indonesia. By integrating both worlds, online and offline, we aspire to become a credible medium that nurtures curiosity and inspiration amongst a plethora of communities.

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We embrace and nurture a culture of creativity; that is why we warmly welcome collaborations with prospective partners and/or creative communities. Contact us for event collaboration; writing contributions; media partnership proposals; or a long-term partnership. Together we can cultivate and collaborate on ideas!

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