March 05, 2018Clubhoppers
Array The Original & Alter Mix Producer

Berasal dari Jakarta, Array adalah side project oleh Arya Harditya a.k.a DTX, yang awalnya merupakan proyek Drum & Bass. Ia memulai Array sejak 2012 untuk lebih mengembangkan keterampilan produksi musik elektroniknya. Dia mengeksplorasi dan menghasilkan lagu dari genre seperti Electro House, Future House dan Carnival Bass. Di samping itu, ia juga menghasilkan lagu untuk para DJ.

Array telah merilis banyak lagu di label rekaman seperti Vamous, Laxity, Spinach dan juga pada label rekamannya sendiri, Invert Recordings. Pada tahun 2014, he was exposed to UK House when he was studying in Brighton,UK. Finally he went back to Jakarta,Indonesia late 2015 and explores Techno scene with Indra7 as his influence and mentor. Array is currently preparing his debut EP on Deadrec, featuring collaboration with some of the familiar and up-and-coming producers in Indonesia's Techno scene.


‘Future Tribe’ - Single - 2014 (Vamous Recordings)
‘Red Merlot’ - Single - 2014 (Laxity Recordings)
‘The Planner feat. Formatted’ - Single - 2014 (Vamous Recordings)
‘Bring the Shit’ - Compilation - 2014 (Spinach Records)
‘Phuture89 - Swingin Atari’ - Remix - 2015 (Sumateran Tigers Records)
‘Gravity’ - EP - 2015 (Laxity Recordings)
‘End of Story’ - EP - 2015 (Vamous Recordings)
‘Funkin Real’ - Compilation - 2015 (Laxity Recordings)
‘SOVA - Get It Over’ - Remix - 2015 (Laxity Recordings)
‘Mardial - Nanana’ - Remix - 2015 (Laxity Recordings)
‘Billion Dollar Bill’ - Compilation - 2016 (Invert Recordings)
‘Asakvsa - Steins Gate’ - Remix - 2016 (Invert Recordings)
'Avonturir - Yourself In Imaji' - Remix - 2016 (Invert Recordings)
'Bring It Back' - EP - 2016 (Invert Recordings)
'Universal feat. Mahaputra '- Compilation - 2016 (Invert Recordings)'
Your Words' EP - 2017 (Invert Recordings)
Forthcoming EP - 2017 (Dead Records)

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