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Pat Torpey meninggal dunia karena penyakit Parkinson yang dia derita sejak tahun 2014

Kabar duka datang dari Mr.Big, band hard rock yang sangat populer di Indonesia ini kehilangan pemain drum mereka, Pat Torpey akibat penyakit Parkinson yang dia derita beberapa tahun terakhir. Lewat twitter, Mr.Big mengumumkan berita duka ini pagi ini Jumat (9/2). Pat Torpey meninggal dalam usia 64 tahun.

“With breaking hearts we tell you that our brother, friend, drummer and founding member, Pat, passed away Wednesday, February 7 from complications of Parkinson’s disease. Family, band and management request privacy at this very difficult time. Services are pending.”

Pat Torpey (1959 - 2018)

Pat Torpey bermain di Mr.Big sejak tahun 1988 bahkan masih terlibat dalam pembuatan album Mr. Big terakhir, Defying Gravity (2017). Sejak tahun 2014 posisi Pat Torpey banyak dibantu Matt Starr, akibat penyakit Parkinson yang dia derita. Namun dirinya masih ikut tur, dan bermain drum di beberapa lagu bersama Mr.Big. 

Formasi Mr.Big kerap berlima saat tur, terdiri dari Eric Martin (vokal), Billy Sheehan (bass), Paul Gilbert (gitar), Pat Torpey (drum, vokal) dan Matt Starr (drum).

Sejak berdiri Mr.Big banyak melahirkan hits dan sejumlah album penting, seperti Lean into It (1991), Bump Ahead (1993), Hey Man (1996) dan Get Over It (2000). Beberapa lagu mereka yang santa populer adalah “To Be With You”, “Wild Word”, “Addicted To That Rush”, “Just Take My Heart” dan “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy”.

Pemain bass Billy Sheehan menulis di akun instagram dan facebook tentang kenangan bersama sahabatnya di Mr.Big ini. 

My dear friends, I'm sorry to be the bearer of such sad news. Pat Torpey has been my closest friend in music for over thirty years. He passed away yesterday from complications as a result of Parkinson's disease. Pat was one of the finest human beings I've ever had the privilege of knowing, and the honor of working with. All of us in Mr Big had nothing but the highest respect and admiration for him. He is loved by anyone and everyone who ever met him. And surely one of the finest rock drummers the world has ever known. Please keep his sweet wife and wonderful son in your prayers. I Love You, Pat. You made the world a better place. We will miss you. We will never forget you. Rest In Peace, my brother. Billy.

Rest In Peace, Pat Torpey.

Oleh: Widya. S / Foto: Frontiers 

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